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Remove Unused CSS

The "Remove unused CSS" feature in FlyingPress is designed to improve the loading time and reduce the file size of your website by removing any unused CSS code. This feature is particularly useful for websites with large CSS files that are not optimized for performance.

Load unused CSS

There are three available options for "Load unused CSS" methods: "Asynchronously", "On user interaction", or "Remove". 

Asynchronously - Load the unused CSS in the background, without affecting the loading time of your website.
On user interaction- Load the unused CSS only when the user interacts with the page, such as scrolling or mouse move or touch.
Remove - Completely remove the unused CSS from the website, resulting in a faster loading time and reduced file size.

Exclude stylesheets

You can also specify which CSS files should be excluded from the unused CSS removal process by entering their URL or path in the "Exclude stylesheets" section. This can be useful for CSS files that are essential for your website's functionality and cannot be removed.

Include selectors

Finally, you can also include selectors that should be forced to be included in the used CSS by entering them in the "Include selectors" section. This can be useful if you have selectors that are used on your website but are not automatically detected by FlyingPress.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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