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How to resolve 'Unable to Communicate via Rest API' error

FlyingPress utilizes WordPress Rest API for operations like saving settings, purging, and preloading within its dashboard.

If you encounter an error stating "Unable to communicate via Rest API," consider these potential causes:

1. Blocked Rest API by plugins or security layers

Ensure no plugin, particularly those related to performance or security, blocks Rest API access. Verify Rest API functionality by visiting

Disable any settings that hinder Rest API.

2. Server overload issues

An overloaded or down server can cause this error. Confirm your server's health and website uptime.

For limited resources (e.g., on shared hosting), increase the delay in cache preloading to prevent overload.

3. Server error logs

If the issue persists, an error in FlyingPress or another plugin might be the culprit. Review your PHP error logs for relevant errors.

If you find errors linked to FlyingPress, contact our support with the details for assistance.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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