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Why is my disk usage so high?

Once FlyingPress begins caching pages, it generates static HTML files for each of your pages within the /wp-content/flying-press/ folder.

The actual size of this folder may vary depending on factors such as the size of your site, the number of pages, and the optimizations you have enabled.

On average, a cached HTML file tends to be around 100KB in size. Therefore, to provide a better perspective:
100 cached pages will occupy approximately 10MB of storage.
1,000 cached pages will consume around 100MB.
10,000 cached pages will require roughly 1GB of storage.
And, for larger websites, 100,000 cached pages will use approximately 10GB of storage.

If you wish to reduce the file size further, consider implementing the following tips:
Disable "Removed unused CSS": This option will prevent the inlining of CSS, potentially reducing the size of cached files.
Disable "Defer inline": By disabling this option, you will prevent the inlining of internal JavaScript, further optimizing file sizes.
Limit number of URLs in preload and enable Scheduled Preload

Updated on: 27/12/2023

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