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How to troubleshoot issues with FlyingPress

Sometimes, when you start playing around with FlyingPress settings, you might notice that your site is not displaying as before or that some parts of the page are missing. Don’t worry; these are easy to fix.

It’s not necessary to deactivate FlyingPress completely to perform troubleshooting.

Before we start troubleshooting, ensure your FlyingPress version is up to date.
You can verify this by visiting the FlyingPress Changelog here.

To ensure FlyingPress is causing the issue

Disable any server-side caching layers like Varnish or other caching layers provided by your hosting.
Disable Cloudflare APO if you’re using it. Using multiple caching layers makes it hard to debug issues.
Disable any other optimization plugins you have other than FlyingPress.
if your theme has some sort of performance optimization settings, disable them too.

Once you have done all these, test your site with "no optimize" appended to the URL.

A regular URL :


To disable all FlyingPress optimizations, append '?no_optimize' to your URL.


If you’re still seeing your issue, then it’s not caused by FlyingPress. Otherwise, one of the optimizations in FlyingPress will be causing the issue.

To troubleshoot further, disable all optimizations inside FlyingPress, then enable them one by one and test your site.

Check your website in incognito mode after enabling each optimization to detect any issues or breakages.

This step-by-step approach helps isolate the problematic optimization without overwhelming you with too many changes at once.

Did you Know? In most cases, it’s usually the 'Remove Unused CSS' or JavaScript defer or delay causing the issue.
If that's the case, you’ll need to add conflicting scripts to exclude keywords.

A quick look at the browser console will give you which scripts need to be excluded.

If you're not sure which scripts to exclude, we have got a separate video coming up for this.

Contact Support

Still no luck? Send us a support message from our Help Center page.

Please provide more information. If there are any URLs associated with the problem, please attach them. Describe what you were supposed to see and what you ended up seeing.

Updated on: 15/12/2023

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