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Installing FlyingPress

Congratulations on your recent purchase of FlyingPress! You're now on the fast track to supercharging your WordPress site.

Let’s get started with setting it up.

Head to your FlyingPress account page and click 'Download' to get your FlyingPress plugin as a zip file.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, click on 'Plugins', and then 'Add New'.

Select 'Upload Plugin' and upload the zip file you've downloaded.

FlyingPress is a premium tool, so it won't appear in the regular plugin store search.

After activation, FlyingPress starts its magic when users visit your site, caching and optimizing pages to enhance their experience.

Want to speed things up even more? Click 'Preload cache' to cache all your pages in the background so your site is ready to fly even before the first visitor arrives!

By default, FlyingPress enables only the safe optimizations. While you can activate additional optimizations, do test your website in an incognito window after making changes.

FlyingPress will automatically refresh the cache whenever you save settings.

Updating your content? FlyingPress seamlessly updates the cache for any changes made to posts, pages, or other WordPress content.

Did you know you can easily A/B-test FlyingPress on/off state by appending a query parameter to a URL from your site?

A regular URL will give you a cached page:

To view the impact of FlyingPress, append '?no_optimize' to your URL. This prevents FlyingPress from caching and optimizing, allowing for a direct comparison:

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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