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Why is FlyingCDN stuck at 'Pending validation'

Once you've added a new site in FlyingCDN, we continuously monitor your DNS records and check for the "_acme-challenge" CNAME record.

Its value should be

Until this record is added, the status will remain 'Pending validation'. If you've added the record correctly, 'Pending validation' will change to 'Active' within a minute.

If you're stuck at 'Pending validation', here are some common issues we've encountered:

Disable proxy for the "_acme-challenge" CNAME record if you're using Cloudflare.
Delete any '_acme-challenge' TXT records if found.
Delete all CAA records

You can also confirm whether the "_acme-challenge" record is added correctly using

Go to
Select CNAME and click 'Search'

It should show the value, like below:

Updated on: 15/06/2024

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