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Why some JavaScript files are not minified

In some instances, certain JavaScript files may not be minified even when JavaScript minify is enabled in FlyingPress. This is generally due to one of the following reasons:

The file size reduction post-minification is less than 2KB.
The file size reduction post-minification is less than 10% of the original size.
The file is already minified, as indicated by a .min.js suffix.

These criteria are based on the official recommendations by Google Lighthouse or PageSpeed.

To ensure efficient cache management, we append a ?ver=[hash] query string to these files, replacing the usual ?ver=[plugin_version].

For example, rather than using ?ver=3.0.0 (where 3.0.0 represents the plugin/theme version), we opt for ?ver=1689132345, where 1689132345 is a unique hash derived from the file's contents.

Minification cannot be applied to files sourced from third-party domains, such as those included in external scripts.

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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